The Caring Classroom Reflection

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Final Paper:
The truth is that the name of the course, The Caring Classroom could be truly understood only after you finish the course. Initially, I thought that in this course, we will get tools to create a caring classroom and when I state tools I mean like strategies. Something which can add to our own ways of dealing with a class. However, throughout the course, the most influential insights that I got to discover were actually regarding myself, which truly surprised me.
I got to know myself better, and it is not like I did not know already most of the things I discovered. It was just that I tended to ignore them or to underestimate their importance. While learning to be a teacher, everyone always told us, "be strong", "do not take to your heart", but those words just caused me to neglect my feeling or to avoid them.
Nevertheless, during the course, our feelings and our own selves were put first in order for us to be greater teachers. This was a new approach for me and it had a great influence on me as a person and as a teacher. I always thought that my students should come first, and if something was wrong, I would think that I was the one to blame. However, this way of thinking …show more content…

Not only when the situation is not so good, but always. I can see that when I feel good and confident about myself, my students are much more relaxed. This week I even tried it, before I came to the class, I thought about how I felt and about all the stress that I currently have. However, when I came to the class, I felt like it is not connected anymore in some way, and I felt much more relaxed and patient. During the lesson I could see that it made a difference, everyone was much more open to learning and there were fewer management problems. Nonetheless, it was difficult for me to do it. Sometimes I prefer to avoid my feelings. I hope that with some practice, I will be able to do it

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