The Case Against High School Sports Funding in America

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After reading " The Case Against High School Sports" by Amanda Ripley started to make me think. There were many strong points about how the priorities of the sports are beginning to be more important to students than their education. Another great point was that the financing and budgeting is unfairly distributed throughout school districts and is spent more on athletics and clubs and not enough on classes. And I Believe that schools should put certain restrictions on the spending and promoting or in school sports and clubs because of the major drop in national and world comparisons. Teachers who dubble as a coach often split commitments between being a coaching and teaching such as when schools have to find substitutes for the days …show more content…
students now rank 22nd instead of 19th. And most shocking, they fell from 10th to 20th in reading (Parker,2). If you compare American schools to other renowned top schools world wide such as in Europe and Asia you would see a remarkable difference with the amount of time and money spent on sports. Ripley stated that one football player costs about $1,300 a player. Math, by contrast, cost just $618 a student. And the school district could save $150,000 in one year with cutting school sports and extracurriculars (Ripley,3). Our Johnston School District also has a large price as our state's Athletic Director Gary Ross:
When you get to the issue of budgets there is really two parts to them. The general budget which is what the school district per say pays towards coaches salaries, transportation, and event workers. Coaches salaries are normally $120,000, transportation would be $50,000, and event workers can be around $5,000 - $10,000. Then the other part of the budget is the sports income, which is money from booster clubs, participation from other schools, and admissions, and it comes to roughly $120,000. Which goes out to uniforms, the athletic trainer, equipment and our participation at other school events. (Ross)
It should be that if a school is struggling financially to provide for the school district , it should have an immediate plan to cancel athletics to save or help the school make a comeback because
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