The Case Of C.w. Williams Community Health Center

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Analyzing the Case of C.W. Williams Community Health Center
Oluwateniola Elizabeth Shokunbi
California State University Eastbay

Analyzing the Case of C.W. Williams Community Health Center
A Community health center can be defined as a center where high quality primary and preventive healthcare is provided regardless of the ability of the patient’s financial situation. There are some basic characteristics a community health center must possess to be fully functional. Some of which are:
• the population that the health center caters to must be identified as an unserved or underserved one
• offering a wide range of health services such as health education, prevention of diseases, treatment and other social benefits.
• Ensuring the members of the board of directors are indigenes of the county and patients of the community health center.1
The C.W. Williams health center known previously as the Metrolina health center was established by Dr. Charles Warren who was the first African American staff in the surgical department of North Carolina’s largest hospital alongside some other healthcare leaders. Its mission is primarily to adequately provide quality and accessible care to the people of Mecklenburg County ensuring efficient service, effective systems, and personal care with the help of supportive staff in conducive environments.

Environmental analysis of the C.W. Williams health center.
Political/legislative: the federal and state government

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