The Case Of Fatim Health Psychology Analysis

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The Case of Fatima
Health Psychology Analysis

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The Case of Fatima – Health Psychology Analysis

To analyze the case of Fatima it is best to break it down to stages. Fatima started as a healthy individual, she was able to conceive twice, carry 2 children to term, and deliver successfully. To support her family she works 50 hours a week which is more than a regular work week (40 hours). Because of her work schedule she does not have time for herself. She has a fairly healthy lifestyle since she does not smoke, but her choices of food for her family and herself are not healthy, and the reason is attributed to a small budget. Fatima started showing signs of illness; she was tired, and had chest pain from a time
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Along the line of the continuum she wasn’t able to change those factors and those brought the onset of illness.
In the biopsychosocial model (Ogden, 2017) it can farther show the health-psychology of this case as it brings a combination of social/environmental elements (work many hours, can’t afford healthy food), psychological elements (not going to the doctor to take care of herself, not able to relax), and biological elements (genetically pre disposed to having high pressure, missing some vitamins, and overworked body physically). This case as an example of the complexity of health-psychology where one thing leads to antoherr (Borrell-Carrió, F., Suchman, A. L., & Epstein, R. M. ,2004). In this case the limited funds leads to purchase of unhealthy food, leading to fatigue and unhealthy state of body, which may lead to hypertension.
Another element that can be observed in the case of Fatima is a combination of something that directly leads to unhealthy situation (eating unhealthy, and missing crucial vitamins to support healthy functioning body), and indirect elements (like working many hours, and feeling guilty about the food being served to her family). The combination of direct and indirect pathways are leading to outcomes that the health psychology field is addressing (Ogden, 2017).
Although not part of the details in this case it is important to mention another element of health psychology: variability (Ogden, 2017). Many people work 50

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