The Case Of Lance Armstrong

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This team application is based on the case study of Lance Armstrong, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). As a professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong dominated his competition, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). He was viewed as a celebrity, donating several millions of dollars for charity and was endorsed by several big name corporations, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). For the most part, he was placed on a high pedestal and praised for all of his achievements. He began riding at a young age, winning numerous local and national competitions, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). To be eligible to enter these competitions he had to lie about his age, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). At the young age of sixteen he had already established his dominance, by being named rookie of the year, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). Based on the case study, Armstrong turned professional right out of high school at the age of eighteen, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). He was picked up by the U.S cycling team, which marked the beginning of his obsession to be the best, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). I believe it was at this stage in his career which identified the true transitioning period. Prior to becoming professional, his raw natural talent was enough to distance him from the pack He was skilled and physically developed to achieve greatness, (Clayton and Fisher, 2013). His physical makeup differed from most, his body’s ability to effectively use oxygen was quite amazing. According to the case study, his VO2 efficiency level
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