The Case Of Nike : Review Analysis

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Case of Nike: Review Analysis 3
Over the decades, globalization, "where economic integration across border allow businesses to expand beyond their domestic boundaries." (Malamud, V. & Rotenberg, Y. (2010)); has become a phenomenon that is seen across the globe. Businesses large and both small are able to compete, produce, and sell their products without limits to either demographic or geographic factors. This allows company 's to enlarge their base, their workforce, their consumers, and therefore their profits. Of course, as we learned, globalization isn 't without it 's risk that can be apparent in today 's world. As globalization does have negative impacts in disregarding needs for developing individuals in those countries, and it may …show more content…

Nevertheless, as we further learned, globalization also has it 's risks and occasional threats that can come in conflict with outsourcing for businesses and the like. Nike, Inc., for instance, came under scrutiny and serious allegations including Human Rights: in several of those countries such as Indonesia, because of poor conditions of workplaces, poor wages, forced overtime work, and even child labor in come instances. These allegations have become an example to the World of what globalization, if taken without certain security and countability measures; may effect the individuals heavily and to the point that it turns into a situation of diminishing returns. Criticism went out, where stories of these mistreatments were put out on news publications.
Nike, Inc., at the time these situations and concerns were brought up, didn’t ' put much effort on the patter, stating that these factories were independently owned and they had no idea of that or of manufacturing.
However, as time passed, they did come out and instruct the subcontractors to put an end to applying for exemptions, for workers under the legal age. And they later decided to raise the pay higher than the minimum wage that was increased. Similar situations like this, happened in Pakistan and Vietnam as well. Such as child labor, and safety & health problems. Likewise, Nike Inc., at first denied and refused to have anything to do

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