The Case Study Mother With Addiction

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In this response to the case study Mother with Addiction, I will analyze the social worker’s style of counseling by examining his goal that he set for a mother of two who is addicted to drugs and was having sex for drugs. I will scrutinize the goal for enhancement of the morality of the client by using the code of ethics to identify the ethical issues involved in the case study. I will discuss my understanding of what the role of a social worker entitles. I will identify the issues I find wrong with the intervention and offer alternative interventions using the Person-Centered approach. Then, I will break down how Carl Roger’s Personality Theory demonstrates where the client is.
Analysis of Social Workers Action While the social worker was assigned to the child welfare case he discovered that his client, who is a mother of two children, was addicted to drugs and, on many occasions would exchange sex for drugs. The social worker believed that a logical goal for his client would be to enhance the client’s morality. Accordingly, he drew up a plan, in order to help his client lead a virtuous, wholesome, and productive life.
Ethical Issues According to the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics the goal that the social worker provided for his client was against the values, ethical principles, and ethical standards that guide all social workers. First, 1.02 Self determination states: Social workers respect and promote the right of clients to

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