The Case With The Ethical Behavior

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Hello Nathan,
After analyzing your current situation I might look at the case with regard to three theories to help you with the correct ethical behavior. There are two courses of action, which I can be recommended:
Action plan 1: Remain silent; do not react.
Action Plan 2: Tell the truth to Samantha.
Utilitarianism focuses on “its approach to get the maximum happiness of all the people involved. What matters the most is the summed happy or sad feelings.” (Lee Eugene, 2000). In this case if action 1 is taken, Beth continues the job, her daughter gets food to eat and you (Nathan) would also not feel guilty of making a 6 year old starve.
On the other hand, if I pass on the complaint to Samantha, she might be happy to know that the reasons for the losses were not customers but her in house employees. This might help me relieve from the guilt of cheating my boss. But Beth would be fired, and her daughter would starve.

Giving scores to the different parties, I get the following results:-
Concerned Party Option 1 Option 2
Beth 9 -2
Jinx 6 -2
Samantha 0 10
Nathan 2 5
Total 17 11

OPTION 1 should be accepted.

Kantian ethics:
The Kant’s ethical theory states to make a maxim, and guide your actions accordingly. A maxim is the rule or principle on which you act. As far as I know you is a very loyal employee. And the maxim might be to keep piece of mind and speak the truth.
With this maxim and its analysis on universal acceptability and respect, it is clear that

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