The Casual Sex Scene On Campuses

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College Ladies Getting Lucky
College campuses everywhere are teeming with budding young adults, and the subject of casual sex among them has never been so open. Especially now that women are bringing their sexuality into conversation more often. Though there has always been a presence of hooking up within the college experience, it seems that millennials seem to be sleeping around more than the generations before them. Comparisons must be made between the casual sex scene on campuses now, and the way it was with previous generations, as well as the causes of the changes in the casual sex game and the pros and cons for women as they are the ones mostly affected by these changes. However, first a solid definition of hooking up must be established.
As the term “hooking up” is rather vague, there does not seem to be a consensus on what it means. When asked to define it, college students were all over the place. Some students agreed that “hooking up” referred to having sex while others disagreed. A portion of the college students asked said that it was just kissing or fooling around, while others stated that it was “everything but” intercourse. The one thing that everyone seemed to agree on was that “hooking up” involves no emotional attachment during or after, as 92% of students asked referenced this (Lewis 2013). It seems that the best way to define a “hook up” is when two individuals partake in any level of intimacy with no intent of emotional attachment. Once a definition is…
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