The Casual Sex Scene On Campuses

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College Ladies Getting Lucky
College campuses everywhere are teeming with budding young adults, and the subject of casual sex among them has never been so open. Especially now that women are bringing their sexuality into conversation more often. Though there has always been a presence of hooking up within the college experience, it seems that millennials seem to be sleeping around more than the generations before them. Comparisons must be made between the casual sex scene on campuses now, and the way it was with previous generations, as well as the causes of the changes in the casual sex game and the pros and cons for women as they are the ones mostly affected by these changes. However, first a solid definition of hooking up must be …show more content…

While it’s hard to pin down an exact variable, it seems that not as many students are sleeping around as expected. Approximately 60% of college students said that they had never had an oral or sexual intercourse hookup. In fact, while most students thought that 64% of their peers were having casual sex on a regular basis, in fact only 16% of college students were “hooking up” often (Hoffman 2014). So it seems that casual sex is not as popular as it seems.
Though “hooking up” is not as widely accepted as believed, the casual sex scene in college seems to have changed drastically over the past few years as it seems to come into conversation more often. However, this is not the case. College students nowadays are sleeping around just as much as 18-22 year olds were in the 70s and even the 30s! The difference between then and now is that before the time of millennials, no one was open about what was going on (Kalish 2011). It used to be that guys were the only ones talking about their sexual encounters, but now women are chatting about it more.
It is important to evaluate why college students are “hooking up” so much in the first place. There seem to be many factors affecting young adults sexual habits, but one of the most influential is the change in scenery that happens when

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