The Cat In The Hat

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The Cat in The Hat,Green Eggs and Ham,and On Beyond Zebra.

Many know Dr.Seuss as a child author who wrote those books mentioned above. But they don't know the basics like his name and his background. Dr.Seuss’ actual name was Theodor Seuss Geisel and he was born March 2,1904 in Springfield,Massachusetts. Theodor's grandparents and parents were all German immigrants. His mother and father's names were Henrietta Geisel Seuss and Theodor Robert Geisel, respectively. He also went to school like any other kid. For high school he went to Springfield Central High School in 1917 and graduated in 1921. He also went to Dartmouth, Lincoln and Oxford universities. These are just the basics of Dr.Seuss and there is just so much more to find out about

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