The Cause Of Mental Illness In Blood Brothers

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Mental illness where spread through this family like a wild fire and there could have been a much need. Each charter in the book goes through many different psychological problems. The difference is based on what the mother does to each individual in the family.

Looking only at Russell, the second to youngest son that had learned to grow up in the environment that he was in. According to Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages, Russell had learned from the stage “Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt” that he would be on mothers good side if he told her what David was doing wrong and would get scolded or punished if he was nice to him. Since, the mother supported Russell when he told on David it became the right decision to do, in his eyes.

When the mother had started to take her anger out on …show more content…

According to Freud's idea of the: I’d, ego, and super ego. The older boys had I’d because they were not worry about the middle child just them self’s. Even the mother had I’d she wanted or demanded immediate satisfaction. When she wanted David to do something he was to do it her way or no way and if he did not do it in the time that she demanded she would torment him by taking food away. This made her have a bigger Ego them anything. The farther on the other hand had a small Ego because he knew what mother was doing was wrong and that she needed to stop. However, if he could save his tail he would by making sure that he just gave in to whatever she had said.

With Erik Erikson and Freud's ideas it made it clearer of what was effecting each charter of the book. From the younger boys being categorized under Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages created a clear outlined for the children to have an outline of what kids are trying to achieve more of. Father and mother where only after self-satisfaction just in different ways but the mother won it in her way in the

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