The Causes And Effects Of Human Trafficking

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The people involved in human trafficking are…. all victims. They can be of any age and any gender, however an unruly number of women are involved in human trafficking, both as victims and as culprits of the crime. Many offenders have a prominent role in the process of human trafficking and often become perpetrators of the clim as a means of escaping their own victimisation. Often, those who are being trafficked, are of the same race as that of their assaulter. They deceive their victims from all corners of the world and force them into exploitative actions and situations, without consent and often without full knowledge of the acts in which they are committing. It leaves the victims scarred for life and has a distressing effect on the mental, emotional and physical well-being of those captured into the web of human trafficking. Apart from physical abuse, victims suffer extreme emotional stress and often experience post-traumatic stress disorder and in return, experience anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Human trafficking makes me feel … sick to my stomach. Humans in this day and age should not be treated with such cruelty and brutality. Victims of human trafficking are forced to work every day without pay and under the threat of violence without the possibility and the inability to walk away from the situation. The chances to run away are very slim as they work under the fear and terror of being caught trying to escape which would result in conditions that are proven to be

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