The Causes And Effects Of Modern Cell Phones

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The modern day cell phone has evolved throughout the last twenty years and has revolutionized the way society operates. It was once a cumbersome, bulky box with an equally heavy antennae attached. However, as time passed modern advancement produced an incredible technological achievement with multiple functions that expand upon its general concept. Modern cell phones contain the processing power and storage capability that would rival the most advanced desktop computers ten years ago while also progressing the realm of communication with its unique platform. Being able to send and receive messages instantly while also simplifying societal interactions has become an intricate piece to modern culture. This communication technology has also modified people’s interactions with the world and their perception of reality. However, with its vast technological achievements, problems and issues have appeared within our society. For some individuals, it is very difficult to live without their cell phone as it has become an essential element of their being. The proposed name of this rising symptom is called nomophobia and continues to affect thousands of people worldwide. Nomophobia is, “the modern fear of being unable to communicate through a mobile phone or internet” and is closely associated with the panic disorder known as Agoraphobia (fear of loss) (Gutiérrez et al.). This type addiction has grown within our society due to the crucial role that cell phones play in our daily

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