Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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Introduction Life in the past was relatively different from today’s life. For instance, handwritten letters were the principal long-distance communication system, and oftentimes, it took several months before receiving a response. A weekly or monthly newspaper was the only way to maintain the population updated. Today, it is undeniable that the quick evolution of technology facilitates communication and connects the whole world. People are constantly using a cell phone to interact with each at their convenience. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reported that nearly 7 billion of cell phone users have subscribed by 2013 (as cited in Kim, K., Kabir, E. & Jahan, S., 2016). This significant number illustrates how cell phones became an essential part of today’s life. Cell phones are not limited to voice communication. It offers also various services including email/internet access, gaming, text messaging, photography, movie watching, song listening, and so forth. However, this new technology is not without harmful effect on human health. In fact, overuse of cell phones is likely to cause some important physical and mental health risks, and many users are not aware of those consequences. In this point, three negative effects of mobile phones use on human health are mental health problems, psychological addiction, and accidents linked to call situations. Mental health issues represent one of the adverse effects of excessive cell phone use. In fact, many cell phone

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