The Causes And Effects Of Oil Consumption

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The World's consumption of oil is equivalent to draining an olympic size swimming pool every 15 seconds. Not many people seem to be aware of the amount of oil we have left. There is only 53.3 more years left of oil at the current consumption rate. In 20 years there could be many more people consuming oil from smaller countries that are industrializing. This problem has come to the attention of our citizens of the United States and something must happen for the consumption to slow down. Throughout this essay, the provided information on the effects, causes, and ways to prevent oil consumption will help people be more aware of this issue.
The oil problem has been caused by the mass use of the source throughout the entire world. The World is “Consuming 30 plus billion barrels a year of oil and is finding seven or eight billion barrels a year” (Kurt), and this state of affairs has been going on now for 20 or more years. We are using more oil than we are producing so we are eventually going to run out. We are using way more oil than we need to, we could be making products that use oil without having to use oil. It is estimated that “6,000 products are made from oil and gas” (Products Made from Oil and Gas). A few items such as mascara, contacts, and deodorant are all made with oil. The biggest thing, consuming the most oil is vehicles. “About 50% of the oil we use in a year is used by motorized vehicles”(American Fuels). We could prevent 25% of this just by using electric cars.

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