The Causes And Effects Of Television Shows In America

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Over the years, the universal invention that has negatively affected our society is none other than the television. Although it wasn’t always so controversial, this contraption has become something that has in ways damaged the United States. Television came out in the 1940’s and it started as a way to entertain people and bring people a bit of joy to their stressful lives. It wasn't such a terrible thing when people could just indulge in one episode or two. Now, rather than using it as something to be entertained with every now and then, people have become addicted. Television can cause deep issues in America by giving out false information, increasing laziness, and decreasing communication in people’s households. Shows on television have many times been known to feed the people of the United States with incorrect information on topics that are important to and concern the nation. Whether it is a show on news, comedy, or romance, the directors of these shows seem to pay little to no attention to the facts they release on their programs. In 2005, the medical drama called Grey’s Anatomy was first aired and since then the show has surpassed eight-million views as of 2015. Except, the show has been known by researchers to give out false information about seizure care:
“In nearly 46 percent of seizure cases, characters on these shows delivered inappropriate treatments such as holding the person down, trying to stop involuntary movements or putting something in the person's

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