The Causes And Trends Of Crime

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Crime is a very prominent issue. Most of us know someone who has been a victim of a crime, has committed a crime or have committed a crime ourselves. News outlets are filled with crime stories. Television shows depict criminals and the agencies trying to bring criminals to justice. Being such a dominant part of life, it is essential that we take a deeper look into the causes and trends of crime.
Discussion of Theory
I believe there are many different motivating factors as to why people commit crimes. There are a few theories that I learned in criminology that coincide with my own personal beliefs. I believe components from “strain theory”, “differential association theory”, and “labeling theory” have valid points. “Strain theory”, points out that the social situation one is presented with dictates and molds the potential criminal they could become. I agree. For example, I think some people are inclined to commit crimes of stealing, due to limited funds. In many poverty-ridden areas, thieves are just trying to survive. Additionally, where there is poverty there is a lack of education. This leads to poor paying jobs, which also leads to the commission of crime for survival. It reveals a humanizing reason for these offenses. With “differential association”, I think many people are taught and often pressured by others as to how to be socially deviant. For example, many people who are involved in drug and alcohol related crimes socialize with people who also
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