The Causes Of Genocide

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In history, there has been many acts of genocide in which nations had to determine their level of involvement. Regarding crimes against humanity, all nations around the world should get involved. Moral obligations and the loss of innocent lives should be a driving factor for outside nations to put an end to rising conflict. In the past, deciding to send the United Nations into a crisis-ridden country without military intervention has rarely put an end to any humanitarian crimes. A more effective solution to end world crimes would be from military involvement. If outside nations took initiative, genocide would not be an issue. Imagining the world-wide magnitude to which a crime could create should be enough force for world leaders to become involved. Around the world, citizens should also feel a moral responsibility to bring light to crimes against humanity. Throughout history, many genocides have flown under the radar without the rest of the world knowing, because no world leaders listened and created any change. The UN alone does not have the ability to cease violence without outside help. Crimes against humanity wouldn’t exist with international efforts.

For instance, one of the most world-renowned crimes against humanity to date was the Holocaust. During World War II, Adolf Hitler led a mission to exterminate all Jewish people. He believed that the Jewish people were the cause of Germany’s major problems, and led the population to believe this and turn against the

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