The Causes Of Inflammation And Heart Disease

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The leading cause of death for people in the United States is heart disease. Heart failure is just one of the many conditions that underlie heart diseases. Being one of the leading causes of death; having the knowledge on how this disease works can help researchers find a cure or new treatments to prevent and/or treat this pathogenesis. Chronic inflammation is a condition that can lead to heart failure. When inflammation is chronic it means that the inflammation is long-term and therefore this condition can lead to other complications, but what causes chronic inflammation? Inflammation is a response to a foreign pathogen in the body, but what if there is no foreign pathogen? An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system starts to attack the healthy…show more content…
One of the outcomes of the complement pathway is inflammation. So, if there is an imbalance of the components of alternative pathway when activating the complement system this will lead to chronic inflammation, therefore, leading to heart failure. This hypothesis/theory can lead to further investigations to see if there is a way to stop or decrease the excess of components that lead to inflammation. The results from the author’s paper were interesting because they discovered that “the alternative pathway in heart failure is activated when the levels of enhancers and inhibitors of the alternative pathway are altered, which would normally occur with patients with heart failure“ (Shahini, et al, 2017). This dysregulation could give rise to other complication as mentioned before like inflammation. So, this correlation of chronic inflammation with the altered balance of enhancers and inhibitors of the activation of the alternative pathway is what makes heart failure a progressive disease that causes loss of cardiac function ultimately leading to
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