The Causes Of Propaganda During World War II

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Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a political cause or point of view(Webster). It has always been used to encourage the support of a cause especially during times of war. During World War II, the American government was hesitant to use propaganda to encourage American support due to past experiences of propaganda during World War I. According to Lincoln Riddle’s article on War History Online, businesses and corporations had to persuade the government to use propaganda in America. The government consented to the deed so long as the ads being displayed by business and corporation were only giving information on the war instead of withholding information from the public (Riddle). Regardless, some posters and ads were overexaggerated for a war effort making them propaganda. The themes could be divided into six main themes: “The Nature of the Enemy, The Nature of the Allies, The Need to Work, The Need to Fight, The Need to Sacrifice, and The Americans-What we are fighting for” (Campbell). These forms used as propaganda ranged from posters, radio, and television. Posters that were created during World War II helped to boost the home front’s public moral and encourage soldiers to enlist in the war. Famous poster to come out of poster propaganda include Rosie the Riveter, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, the phrase enforced Americans to think before they speak in fears of giving information to the enemy, and Uncle Sam
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