Essay on The Causes of World War I

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The Causes of World War I It has been suggested that naval rivalry was the main cause of World War One because, this was one of the most significant causes of tension between some of the most powerful countries in Europe. I strongly agree that this contributed to World War One but there are also several other factors that have to be considered such as the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the First Moroccan Crisis, the Second Moroccan Crisis, the Balkan Wars and the Arms Race. Naval Rivalry When Kaiser Wilhelm announced that he intended to build a powerful navy in 1898.Britains natural reaction was to feel very threatened and intimidated, especially since Britain had been the …show more content…

Franz Ferdinand was killed because Serbians feared that after his ascension to the throne, he would continue and even heighten the persecution of Serbs living within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A member of the Black Hand organisation, Nedjelko Cabrinovic attempt to kill Ferdinand by throwing a bomb into the car but was unsuccessful when Franz deflected the bomb with his arm. Theb Archduke later resumed his tour of Sarajevo, but when his chauffer took a wrong turn another Black Hand agent, Gavrilo Princip stepped up to the car and fired two pistol shots. Sophie was killed instantly and Franz died minutes later. This lead to Austria-Hungary producing a lengthy list of demands to Serbia, which were to be completed within 48 hours. Serbia could not comply with all the demands and on July 28 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia World War One had begun. This contributed to the start of the First World War because Serbia enraged Austria-Hungry so much that they declared war. The First Moroccan Crisis Morocco on the northern coast of Africa was rich in mineral and agricultural wealth. Both Germany and France coveted the place. By her entente with Britain in 1904, France was given a free hand in Morocco. Kaiser William II, angry at France's

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