The Celestino's Ceremony

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The sorcerer, witch, warlock, or whatever this Celestino was, began his ceremony. To be honest, none of it really made sense, but as much as Shadrack knew about these things, he wasn’t well versed in the details. He didn’t know what the candles were for, what kinds of powders and potions Celestino was mixing, or why he needed all of those gestures. He had no idea what language he was shouting, although the repetition would have been somewhat annoying if Shadrack didn’t have other more important concerns. For example, there were the shiny and painful looking tools which Celestino placed on the table, like a surgeon preparing for an operation. And here Shadrack was, tied to a post. This was not turning out to be the easy case he had expected. …show more content…

The problem was, as he hadn’t called for backup on that fancy phone they gave him, that Construct had lifted him up like a man would lift a little baby, and tied him several feet up a post set between the floor and the ceiling. Shadrack struggled again at the tethers which held him to the post. The skulls on the walls seemed to watch him, and with the flickering of the torches and candles, even following his motions, and laughing and commenting on his attempts to escape. There was one potential asset to Shadrack’s situation. The way he’d been tied up to the post, with his arms wrapped around behind him, meant that he could just reach his hands into his sleeves. He liked to keep things up his sleeves. For example, there was a knife in one of them, if he could just pull it out and angle it to cut the ropes. He needed to be careful, the Construct over there in the corner was definitely watching him. He couldn’t move too much. Inch by inch he worked the knife out of his sleeve, down to his hand. Once he could reach the tip of the sheath with his other hand, he began to work that off, again, inch by …show more content…

“Good evening, um, Agent McCave? How can I help you?” That wasn’t the right app. But, it might work. “Sir,” the kid said again, “Are you able to talk?” “The Construct!” He yelled, hoping that Celestino would take it for the nonsequiter ravings of a man condemned to die. He also hoped the boy would understand, and that whatever he did, it would be fast enough. Celestino laughed. His voice was harsh and quiet, with a trill to his r’s and v to his w’s. “It’s not the golem that you should worry about, Agent McCave.” He picked up the silver instruments. “The ceremony is almost complete, there is one last rite.” The young voice spoke in Shadrack’s ear, “Construct... golem? Oh... I get it! Sir, I am picking up a signal through your phone, let me try a few things.” Celestino turned around to face Shadrack. Although it was hidden under his mask in the deep shadows of his hood, a blood-thirsty smile could be assumed. He took a step forward, maneuvering the long scalpel in his hands as if deciding where to cut

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