The Celsus Ephesus Library

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In the modern day Turkey, wide road of Marble slopes down to Celsus Ephesus Library, one of the ancient world libraries. In Ephesus, the library is one of the most beautiful structures. Construction of the building took place between 117AD and 135AD (Laale, 76). Vitruoya, a Roman architect designed the structure. The library was to memorize Celsus Polemeanus, a Roman senator, province of Asia General Governor. It was Julius Aquila-Celsus’ son initiative. Specifically Celsus loved books. The design of the library takes the form of Roman architecture (Francis, Jarzombek, & Prakash, 65). Celsus grave was under the ground floor inside a tomb of marble and in a lead container. The grave was across the entrance and over it was the Athena statue. This is because Athena was wisdom goddess. A significant element about the building is the storage of manuscript scrolls. They manuscripts scrolls were put in cupboards in the walls niches. Behind bookcase were double walls to prevent the scrolls from extreme humidity and temperature. The library had a capacity of over 12000 scrolls (Foss, 78). The other main reason for the library was as a monument for Celsus.
According to Foss, (119) Celsus library was the third wealthiest library in the ancient period after Pergamum and Alexandra. The structure was made of perfect marble and bedecked with figures of Nike, garlands in relief, Eros and rosettes (Laale, 98). The building shows the attributes of Emperor Hadrian age. The library façade
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