Center For American Progress Essay

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The Center For American Progress is an existing group that was developed to help improve the lives of Americans through evolving positive ideas and actions (CAP, par. 1). This nonpartisan organization focuses on the development of the new generations and the importance of an effective government (About CAP, par. 2). Through progressive ideas and actions like Civil Liberties, Early Childhood, Health Care, LGBT, Poverty, tax Reform and many more, the Center For American Progress aims “not just to change the conversation, but to change the country” (About CAP, par. 1). By provoking media outlets to share with people the news that really matters, CAP has shown a clear view in the shaping of America 's national policy debate (About CAP, par. 3). The Center For American Progress was started to counterbalance the strong hold the Republicans were given when George W. Bush won the presidential election in 2000 (CAP, par. 2). John Podesta, former Clinton Chief of Staff, and Morton Halperin took on the development of CAP and was given the reigns by George Soros, a multi-billionaire funder of leftwing (Democratic) causes or groups (CAP, par. 3). Soros, at this time, was the mover behind the Shadow Party which was a collection of non-profit activist groups and the founder of the Open Society Institute, which is documented in his book, Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism, as “stands for freedom, democracy, rule of law, human rights, social justice, and social responsibility as a

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