The Center Of Moral Development

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Particularly, I think the center of moral development is cognitive by nature, and even when I consider that emotions shouldn’t be given the main role in moral matters, I think it should be recognized that they are important because they help to distinguish moral features in specific contexts, motivate moral actions, stop immoral behaviors, and play a communicative role in revealing our moral concerns to ourselves and others. Both, Kant and Hume argue that human beings have an inner moral sense that produces pleasant feelings of approval towards benevolent actions and disapproval feelings towards vicious or perverted acts, these form the original source of moral judgments. Hume, in particular suggested that moral judgments are similar somehow, to aesthetic judgments, as arising from the feelings and not reason. According to Hume, in order to make a moral decision, we must look at the given situation, and decide which solution would give us the highest level of pleasure. He says that we need to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. "The reason is, and ought only be the slave of the passions and can not seek other office than to serve and obey them" (the Principles of Morals II, III, 415). This does not mean that reason has no role in human action; a belief is always required to have a reason to act. With this maxim points out that reason can only meet the minor role of showing the means through which you can get the end proposed by desire. Hume thinks that
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