The Challenges Faced By Sengwer Community

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The challenges faced by Sengwer community in using indigenous beliefs and practices in conserving natural environmental resources in Embobut forest

This chapter seeks to find out the various challenges that the Sengwer people have faced in their attempt to conserve the natural resources within Embobut forest.
This chapter will use both primary and secondary sources to discuss the challenges that this community face. Later on the chapter will draw recommendations on the possible ways of mitigating these challenges. Among the challenges include the following:
1. Colonial and post-colonial government oppression
2. Modern religions.
3. Urbanization.
Modern religion
Religions especially Christianity has had an effect on the indigenous beliefs of the Sengwer people in conserving the environment. Christianity has dismissed most of the Sengwer beliefs and practices citing them as backward, forgetting that this beliefs and practices have been the force behind the harmonious co-existence between human beings and nature. The settlers who came first destroyed the forest by clearing the forest for large scale farming. They pushed the Sengwer people far deep into the forest. When the missionaries arrived they tried to separate the Sengwer converts from others as they taught them to disregard the indigenous beliefs and practise including the observance of rituals, festivals and practices.
Elders who imparted the moral and religious education were dismissed by the missionaries…
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