The Challenges Of Ndebele And Zulu Literature

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CHAPTER 2 Introduction This study will concentrate on views which were raised by different researchers pertaining Zulu literature, these are the problems which were confronted by Ndebele students and educators when studying Zulu writing. The researcher will go ahead and compare Zulu and Ndebele. Views pertaining Ndebele and Zulu literature The Zulu language and culture was imagined as an identity for the Ndebele despite the fact that the Ndebele privileged may never have seen of themselves accordingly. This Zuluness was sought for as a political culture regardless of the way that the Khumalo family from who they descendedwas not itself Zulu. The language, however,was advanced in its original form yet step by step started to secure its identity …show more content…

These are the difficulties which Ndebele learners encountered when studying Zulu writing. Ndebele and Zulu individuals do not have a same culture, along these lines therefore the two dialects are naturally unique as Nhongo (2013) puts it, and language conveys logic of individuals. In this way one cannot be fully equipped with knowledge of a particular language without considering its culture. As per Rhalmi (2014), student's way of life (culture) can be a hindrance to second or foreign language learning. He continues by saying, social contrasts may cause perplexity and social false impressions, students may have challenges when speaking with target local speakers on account of social distinction. At the end of the day, since culture contrast from place to place, along these lines, Ndebele and Zulu societies are two distinct societies in this way, as a result these two dialects might be diverse to each other prompting troubles which might be confronted by Ndebele students when studying Zulu literature. The above view might be important because, when one is discussing a specific language he or she cannot flee or isolates it from the way of life of those specific language

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