The Challenges Of Racial Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System

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Since the birth of the criminal justice system, there has been much debate about racial discrimination and disparities within it, but little can or has been done to address, examine, and deter racially discriminatory actions from taking place. On one hand, those working within the criminal justice system, police and courts, share an inherent biased and claim their acts to be non-discriminatory. On the other hand, the community also plays a key role in influencing police and courts activities by pushing for more laws to be passed that they also see as non-discriminatory. However, what the police and courts “don’t realize” is their actions are indeed discriminatory. They see themselves as executing and enforcing the law, meanwhile these actions seem to target specific groups and impose harsh criminal punishments. In this essay, I plan to address why the community, police, and courts see their practices as non-discriminatory providing examples from “Code of the Street” by Elijah Anderson and “Law & Disorder in Philadelphia” documentary by Louis Theroux. They are seen as lawful and just practices due to the fact that police believe they are doing their part by cleaning up the streets and ridding neighborhoods of weapons and drugs, the courts believe they are handing down appropriate and proportionate sentences based on the crime committed, and the community is in support of enforcing these discriminatory practices for a better and safer society. In this essay I will attempt to
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