The Change And Course Of Action

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As children grow up, they typically find themselves doing some of the same things their family does because of the amount of time children spend with them. This family has created this atmosphere of abnormal behavior to continue for the next generation, which is affecting the way and course of action that will direct Gary’s life.
Bad Experiences with Men
In Gary’s immediate family, it is easy to say that his mother and sister have had rough experiences with men. Men have left both of them at some point of their lives, including Gary as well. In his sister situation, Tod left Julie during the movie to go motor race with his brothers. Julie was found by police officers and brought back home to her mother and brother the next morning. Julie
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Gary throughout the film is seen leaving the home without anyone knowing where he is going. Being alone and leaving the confines of his home is inferred the way he copes with anything that provides him with discomfort. Hearing that all men are scum, obviously gave a feeling of displeasure to Gary about being a male. During this time, Gary is experiencing and going through the journey of puberty, otherwise known as becoming a man in society. Hearing that men are scum and bad individuals gives Gary the perspective that becoming a man means that he will become an awful person that women will hate. Being an individual that has experienced puberty, it is an experience and time that is confusing for a person. Things are occurring to his body that are changing him forever. Also, it does not help that no male figure in Gary’s life is there to explain what is happening to him and the joys of being a man. Instead, he is tortured to only hear the hurtful thoughts about the actions of some men, not all.
Helen and Julie are the source of some of the issues with Gary. The constant chatter of men being scum, hurts Gary internally and creates an atmosphere of hate for men. This may contribute for Gary’s constant desire to leave the home. Whenever he is home, he has a feeling of discomfort in his body and has a general overall displeasure of being a male in society. When individuals have a sense of unpleasantness,
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