The Changing Trends of Tattooing

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When one is thinking of American culture and the trends that goes along with it, numerous individuals will have a lot of different though to that phrase. Just like how America tends to change over the years, the culture and trends of its people do as well. Things that weren’t popular before are becoming popular and some are even evolving. Even naming your child is like a new trend in today’s society, there is Beyoncé and Jay-z naming their daughter “Blue Ivy Carter” after that there is Kanye West and Kim naming their daughter as well “North West”. Two years back you had a mother name her baby “Hashtag”, which is a twitter symbol. Taking traditional things and turning them around or even putting a new twist on them helps make a new trend.
Let’s take a look at one of the most common but yet constantly evolving trend “Tattoo”. Tattoo are said to be around for about 5,200 years and it’s not a completely new trend in today society. The way that the time was determined is with the latest finding of the Iceman from the border of Italy and Austria in 1991 and his tattoo patterns. It was even discovered to fewer back to the ancient Egypt times.
Some history of Tattoo, you have the Polynesian culture with their elegant tattoos thought to have advanced over periods of time. In the late 1700’s, James Cook who was a British explorer went on an expedition to Tahiti and on his return many of his sailor had tattoos done by the Polynesian natives. The islanders of Tahiti term “tatatau”

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