The Characteristics Of A Hero In Homer's 'Medea'

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1. Jason has a handful of qualities that lead us to believe he is a hero. He is driven, as is the case when he is given the task to retrieve the Fleece, and his reaction proves strong, “the idea of the great adventure was delightful to Jason”. Another example of his resolve is when he speaks to King Aeetes and immediately states that he will do “whatever service he would ask of them (the Argonauts)” in order to retrieve the Fleece. Furthermore, Jason is able to overcome his fears to accomplish tasks. An example of this is when he is faced with a seemingly unbearable trial from King Aeetes, after which he “for a time sat speechless. The contest seemed impossible. Finally, he answered “I will make the trial, monstrous as it is””. It should be noted that at this time, Jason was not aware of the help he would receive later from Medea. Lastly, Jason is skilled at motivating the right allies in times of need. While there is a negative side to this point, which I will address later, it is a vital characteristic of a hero to be resourceful. Jason is able to prolong the help he receives from Medea by persuading her that the two would be in love and have peace in Greece. By doing so, he was able to accomplish all his initial responsibilities.
In my perspective, Jason is no saint. He plays dirty, has an ego and is treacherous, and my reasons for believing so can be explained through the following examples of when Jason performs in a recreant manner. The first example from the text is

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