The Characteristics Of Dionysus

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If you ever have a celebration, make sure to invite the life of the party and wine supplier, Dionysus. Dionysus is one of the Twelve Olympians. He took over Hestia’s position on Mount Olympus when she left, making him the last Greek mythology figure to arrive on Mount Olympus (“Dionysus - Facts and Information”). However, he does not reside there often as he holds a domain over the earth and wanders around teaching winemaking skills to men. In his wanderings, Dionysus can be caught carrying his thyrsus, a staff wrapped with ivy with a pine-cone tip, and his most recognizable symbol. Dionysus is not only the wildest of all the gods; he is also very unique and has a diverse personality. Dionysus is the wildest Greek mythology figure. He is …show more content…

Since Dionysus was born to a god the second time, he became an immortal god himself. Being born mortal then born again as a god makes him unique. Dionysus has a very diverse personality, and his story is an emotional rollercoaster. He has a “dual nature,” or two main personas: of rage and of joy (“Dionysus). Dionysus is very quick to get revenge as seen in almost all myths involving him. One myth involves the king of Thebes (“Dionysus - Bacchus, the Wanderer”). King Pentheus did not believe Dionysus to be a god and would not allow any female Thebes citizen to attend his parties. This angered Dionysus greatly, so he made the king appear as a wild animal to all the Theban women. They ripped him to pieces and thus Dionysus obtained adequate revenge against King Pentheus. But Dionysus’s vengeful nature did not exclude him from having any other emotions; he experiences great grief in another myth. This myth includes the hero Ikarios, whom Dionysus taught winemaking to (“Dionysus - Greek God of Wine and Festivity”). Ikarios gave the wine to some shepherds who, with no knowledge of the effects of wine, thought he had poisoned them and murdered Ikarios. Upon hearing of the death of his hero, Dionysus became mournful and placed Ikarios in the sky as the constellation Bootes. Feeling so many different emotions and having such various personas makes for Dionysus to possess a very

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