The Characteristics Of Master Data Management

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Background After discussing with Professor Bechor, my research problem is now better defined and aligned to move forward. My focus will be on mapping cyber repositories and creating metadata from these repositories such that the characteristics of master data management (MDM) can be leveraged to collect, aggregate, match, consolidate, and validate the diversified quantity of cyber sources. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a good method for collecting, maintaining, and correlating cyber vulnerabilities, incidents, crimes, breaches, and events. As US-CERT provides one of the standard vulnerability databases, does other entities offer similar databases for incidents, crimes, and breaches? As Mr. Scott Eigenhuis stated in his feedback …show more content…

Therefore, my main research opportunity will be to investigate and map cyber repositories from the Internet. In addition, develop the metadata necessary to improve the MDM of the cyber landscape. Moreover, as time permit, construct a centralized database from the diverse amount of cyber data, provide 360 viewpoints of such data, and visualize the results per location, date, severity, or other criteria? What is the problem being addressed? Exploring an opportunity to map cyber repositories, create metadata of such information, and provide an ongoing centralize database to maintain updated cyber data where the academic communities can trend, analyze, and research cyber vulnerabilities, incidents, crimes, breaches, and events. In turn, governments and companies can leverage such information to strengthen their environments. As Mr. Scott Eigenhuis stated, “There are some entities that are trying to pull all this data together to provide a comprehensive view.” What are the potential threats? By having a collection of cyber repositories, understanding the metadata, and being notified of cyber-activities, the academic communities along with the private and public sectors could collaborate on similar threats and attacks. Likewise, corrected steps could be taken to detect, alert, and prevent repeated events from spreading throughout different organizations. Thus, safeguarding

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