Background. Currently, There Doesn’T Seem To Be A Good

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Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a good method for collecting, maintaining, and correlating cyber-incidents. As US-CERT provides the standard vulnerabilities database, does other entities offer databases for cyber-incidents? This topic will examine available data on the Internet and how academia could combine various repositories to build and maintain such an environment. Therefore, will be investigating and mapping incident repositories availability for academic cyber security research.

Also, determine the challenges, benefits, and validations of such platform to augment and improve cyber security education. Consecutively, expand the framework to capture key categories as it makes sense for academic research and
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Also, as mentioned, society, communities, and consumers could achieve a cyber-landscape advantage with advance warnings. Similar to an Amber Alert that is sent out to the public communicating a child has been kidnaped.

What is the current state of the practice?
There seems to a limited number of sources available on the Internet, including RISI Online Incident Database, however, data is only available between 1982 to 2014. Also, the Hackmageddon site provides datasets between 2011 and 2015 with statistical comparison between 2014, 2015, and 2016. Likewise, Center for Strategic & International Studies has a report on “Significant Cyber Incidents” and Wikipedia has a list of data breaches between 2004 and 2016. Moreover, the US-CERT site doesn’t provide a list of incidents, however, they have a list of known vulnerabilities.

What is the status of current research?
Will be reviewing professional and scholarly publications to find additional and current research on cyber-incidents. However, most seem to be focused on incident response which might be advantageous to improve the process of updating centralized incident database.

“The number of cyber incidents reported by federal agencies increased in fiscal year 2013 significantly over the prior 3 years. An effective response to a cyber incident is essential to minimize any damage that might be caused.”

United States. (2014). Information security : Agencies need to improve
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