The Characteristics Of Savages In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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In this novel, innocent boys become monsters as they turn into savages. In “lord of the flies”, a group of children get into a plane crash and land on a deserted island. In this book by William Golding, he writes about boys who try to have order and be civilized but fail miserably. the problems the signal fire, the disobedience of the conch and a boy named Jack cause civilization impossible for the rest.
The boys are very clever to have a signal fire going. The idea is that if a passing ship sees it, they will come and rescue everyone. The boys start a fire, but it reaches to some the trees in the forest and starts a wildfire. The fire goes out, but sadly one of the boys is missing. The boys on the island don’t want to make that mistake again so they choose to put the fire at the top of the mountain and have people watching to make sure it doesn’t go out. Everything is going smoothly until some of the boys let the fire go out because they are hunting and a ship passes by at the same time. One boy says “The fire has only been out for an hour or two. We can light it up again”(70), this demonstrates how the boys don't take the fire that seriously. They should have it going at all times so someone will eventually come by and rescue them. At this point, most of the boys stop caring about the fire because they don't want to have any responsibility, they just want to have fun. The fire starts as an intelligent idea which turns into a thing the boys think is completely irrelevant

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