Similarities Between Han China And Imperial Rome

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The emergence of the Roman Empire in Italy and the Han dynasty in China represented key points in world history. Another empire that existed during this time was the Gupta empire in India, it shared similar characteristics to Han and Imperial Rome. Han and Imperial Rome were two of the largest empires that the world has seen up to that point in time. Although they initially arose from relatively small states, through conquest of additional territories each was able to unify a large amount of territory over which they ruled. Both Han China and Imperial Rome governed their empires using a similar bureaucratic system. Each had an emperor, but these individuals were viewed differently in China than they were in Rome. Although the military played an important role in both empires, the structure of each was quite different and this resulted in the army being a powerful political force in Rome but not in China. Political integration was a key in the development of both Imperial Rome and Han China. The organization of government within each empire was similar in that both empires administered its centralized power structure through the establishment of a bureaucracy. The bureaucratic system implemented by Han China was an alliance between the ruling imperial family and a new class, the scholar-gentry. To perpetrate its bureaucracy, the Han established a number of schools to educate the students in the principles necessary for political and social order. Upon graduation, the new

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