The Characters Of Home Alone, And The Ransom Of Red Chief

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There is a similarity between the movie and the short story. The main theme that is showed throughout the movie Home Alone and the short story called The Ransom of Red Chief is bravery. In the short story on page sixty two it states “That boy put up a fight like a boxing bear. At last we got him down in the bottom of the buggy and drove away” (O. Henry 62). This shows that even though Red Chief was a little boy going up against two men that he was not scared to try to fight back and get away. In the movie Home Alone Kevin was being very brave when he found out that his parents and his family had left him home alone (Home Alone). Another time that Kevin was being brave was when the bad guys were trying to get into the house and he defended his house by doing stuff to keep them from getting inside (Home Alone). This shows that Kevin is a very brave child and that he would be able to live out in the real world on his own. The main and minor characters share many traits. Some of the traits that they share are being brave and nice. One trait that the boys from the movie and the short story are being brave. In the short story called The Ransom of Red Chief it states “Red Chief, say I to the kid, would you like to go home? Aw what for? says he. I don’t have any fun at home. I hate to go to school. I like to camp out. You won’t take me back home again, Snake Eye, will you? Not right away, says I. We’ll stay here in the cave awhile. All right! says he. That’ll be fine. I never had
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