The Characters Of The Red Dog In The Movie

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Jocko, Jack, Maureen, Peeto, and Vanno are established as certain people in the beginning of the film, and Kriv Stenders, through red dog, has changed that. Red Dog is important to each character for a different reason, though equally important, and slowly, each character finds a way to be cheerful . Red Dog impacts them all through loyalty; he is a friend for everyone. Trust; Red Dog helps everyone in the community to trust each other. Lastly, friendship; through the film the community of Dampier become friends and are kinder to each other.

In the film Red Dog, loyalty is something that is shown many times. The community members are loyal to each other, although loyalty is mostly conveyed through Red Dog. Red Dog is loyal and brings the community together. Vanno describes Red Dog as “a very loyal doggy”. This means Red Dog is being loyal and is standing with the men till the appropriate deadline. Red dog is everyone’s loyal little dog, but no one’s in particular. He always stays with the men and women bringing them into a finer community. After John died, Red Dog stayed by Johns house waiting for him to return. Numerous days/weeks later Red goes looking all over the place looking for John asking one simple question “have you seen John?” This shows Red Dog is loyal because he sticks to John looking around to find him. When he finds him, he lays down next to Johns grave.

The movie shows that the more Red Dog is around, the extra trust is formed. Trust comes through

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