The Charging Chasseur By Théodore Géricault

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Théodore Géricault, a French painter born in 1791, also had a seminal influence on French Romantic art. (Ed I. C., 2009) His paintings contained abundant elements, such as violence, death and monomania, and all of these made his works both utterly compelling and horrifying. In 1812, he submitted his work—“The Charging Chasseur”, which celebrate the prowess of French military and admire Napoleon’s great power. Géricault then created his masterpiece—“The Raft of the Medusa”, which rose a sensation at the Salon in 1819. This is a history painting which is concerned the aftermath of a horrible shipwreck happened three years ago before Géricault made this painting. (Glover. M., 2011) In order to draw it perfectly, Géricault even prepared a tiny
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