The Chosen Intake Form Is From Focused Solutions, Llc Who

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The chosen intake form is from Focused Solutions, LLC who serves the areas of Brentwood, Tennessee and Columbia, Maryland. Intake forms are essential components to the helping process and the information within the form aids mental health professionals in properly caring for their clients. It also aids mental health professionals in properly identifying a client’s presenting problem. Although not all forms are thorough, mental health intake forms are essential to quality care of clients since they provide important information regarding client health and well-being and indicates several identifiers to characterize the presenting problem.
Does it ask all the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is?
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The form also includes history of substance use, trauma, relationships, occupation, education and caffeine intake which are all vital aspects of identifying a client’s presenting problem as well as getting to know the client. The form even asks about spiritual health which is another component of overall well-being. Therefore, the mental health intake form chosen asks all the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is since it considers lifestyle, history, spirituality, relationships, etc.
Are there too many or too few questions? Why or why not?
The chosen mental health intake form asks the right amount of questions, there are not too many questions and not too few. The form takes as much vital information into consideration without making the process of filling out the form too overbearing for the client. The form allows the client to deliver as much information as possible without having to put too much information down. The form is seven pages long but most of the form is space for writing information and for any questions the client may have. The form also lists out certain medications for the client to identify rather than having the client write down medications they may forget they are taking.
Are the questions reading level appropriate for the clients? Please explain your answer.
The questions are reading level appropriate for the clients since they are generic questions

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