The Christian Church (Look Up All The Scriptures). ” On

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The Christian Church (Look up all the scriptures)
” On this rock I will build my church, and death itself will not have power over it” (Learning Bible, CEV, Matthew 16.15-18). Because Jesus is the Son of God, Satan can never prevail against those who are His own. Peter’s true confession of faith about Jesus is the bedrock of the church. It seems best to take this truth Peter recognized, that Jesus is God’s Son, as the reality which serves as the foundation for His church (Bible Reader’s Companion 618). Consequently, everyone who makes that truth the foundation of their life, becomes a member of Jesus’ church (New Kings James Acts 16.31). From the Oxford Universal English Dictionary, “church” comes from the Old English word “cirice” and …show more content…

On the Feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirt, that was promised, came rushing in and poured its power upon 120 people who had been waiting and praying. Because of this power, Peter boldly proclaimed the gospel to the multitude on Pentecost. People of every nation and tribe, were able to hear the gospel in their own tongue. The book of Acts records that three thousand souls were gained to the Lord on that day and was growing daily (Acts 2.41-47). With the tremendous growth of new believers, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the disciples to attend to the needs of the people. Acts 6 states that the apostles were worried about the wellbeing of the church if they were unable to pray and minister in the Word. Culturally, it was important for this new-age church to organize, in such a way, as to meet the needs of all believers, Jew and Gentile alike. This organization had to be done judiciously for the mandate of the Great Commission to be carried forth. Even though, the organization of the local churches, whether developed or undeveloped, proved there was a ministry that existed in all these New Testament churches (Thomas Lindsay 50). Subsequently, for the New Testament church to be effective in its mandate, the church needed to teach and develop aspects of church leadership, church discipline, church counseling; and a plan in how the church would respond to the government of their era. The Lord was very clear in His Word how He wants His church organized and

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