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I have always gone to Madison Church of Christ since I was born; it is a small town country church with about 125 people who attend. I’ve gone to different churches through a high school singing group, New Way Singers, and I have certain aspects that I do look for in a church. I’m not completely opposed to trying other services, but I have never been to a Catholic service. When speaking to friends about beliefs, all of us understood that there are a lot of differences between Protestant and Catholic beliefs. There have also been a lot of debates in lunch conversations about this. So when I heard about this paper, it was a sort of obvious choice that I attend the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Brooklyn and see what Catholic Mass was like …show more content…

My pastor had funny skits, wrote songs, played old rock and roll music, and other random openers that he would use to relate the sermon. It’s just different ways of how our church works. For communion at my church, we use grape juice and small rectangular communal bread in place of the wine and wafers that St. Patrick’s Catholic Church uses. This isn’t a big problem for me though; to me, this is just a symbol and helps remind you what Jesus did to save us. I don’t know that the items used are of so much importance if God is still respected and put at the forefront of the mind. I’ve even used apple juice and cereal when I had a youth gathering one time. Even if I did have an opinion on what was used, it wouldn’t have mattered. I learned that since I am not Catholic, I can’t take in the Catholic communion, which is also called the Eucharist. At first, I felt a little weird about that since my church allows anyone that is baptized to take in communion whether they are of our denomination or not, but that difference between our churches isn’t of much significance to me. I realized that ours isn’t too much different since we want people to be baptized before they take communion. The general mood of the service made me think of the word “reverence”. They make it seem very formal and

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