The Influence Of Christology On The Patristic Church

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Christology was a central debate in the patristic church. The discussion about Jesus Christ was prevalent throughout the church for centuries and resulted in church councils that produced creeds for the whole church to stand upon as a foundation for Christological orthodoxy. Even with these orthodox creeds, the debate did not end there. The contemporary church, just like the patristic church, has found itself fighting to hold to an orthodox Christology.
Just as it was in the patristic church the contemporary debate proceeds from a desire to be true to the teaching of the faith handed down from the apostles. The issue for the contemporary Church is not so different from the patristic church. There is a breakdown of functional oneness, which …show more content…

This emphasis on the humanity of Jesus, the denial of his divinity, and the strict law-based lifestyle of the Spirit Adoptionists gave space for many Jewish believers to join them.
The Christian Church in Italy
The Christian Church in Italy, also known as CCI, identify as Christian. They profess Jesus Christ as redeemer and savior in their statement of faith. They are strict monotheists while still professing Jesus as the Son of God, the Christ, prophet, and savior of all mankind. They do not deny the virgin birth and claim that they believe in Christ’s atoning work of salvation upon the cross. These are orthodox beliefs and diversions from Spirit Adoptionist teachings.
CCI is clear about their belief in the full humanity of Jesus but when it comes to his divinity they are either silent or they state that they are only open to a dialogue about it. “As we have said, all the scripture presents a Christ man. Our goal however is not limited to this, because we have a duty to investigate the other verses that, over the years, were interpreted in favor of the pre-existence of Christ, his incarnation, his divinity.” When CCI says that Jesus was the Son of God they do not mean that he was divine. One cannot hold the orthodox Christian understanding of what is meant by Son of God if you are only open to a conversation about his divinity.
They continue to diverge from orthodoxy when speaking about

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