The Circle Of Life Sequoia Analysis

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The Manifest Destiny in the United States ended at the coast of California for there was no more land ready to be discovered. Having reached the end of the Manifest Destiny the Americans began to settle throughout California and due to the settlements, it caused the creation of different culture and history to appear and vary within each region. As a result, certain regions like Sacramento became rich with culture and history. In the reading of “Notes from a Native Daughter” by Didion and the painting titled “The Circle of Life, Sequoia” by Roland Lee both talked about the preservation of the history of California through their writing and visuals. However, these two sources may seem different, but they are much similar because of the messages …show more content…

Right beside the tree, a young fawn is looking back onto the viewer. Additionally, the setting of the environment is set during the winter. Taking in consideration of the setting and the gap within the tree we can conclude that tree has been standing there for years probably even more than 2,500 years according to North Carolina State University (Evans). In this painting, the tree is a symbol of fortitude and stability that represents the state of California. The reason is because the tree has been standing there for a long time and has withstood the conditions of the environment. Therefore, creates a sort of representation of California because at times California may fall into crises such as the economic depression and droughts, but in the end, the state overcomes this issue eventually. Moreover, in the painting, there’s this interesting correlation that involves the fawn next to the tree. The fawn represents the life cycle and the tree represents the witness of this life cycle because as the fawn grows old and eventually passes away, the tree will maintain standing tall. The fawn represents each generation of Californians while the giant sequoias trees are the natural historians taking account all the things happening in the tree’s surroundings. The giant sequoia takes in account of all these fragments of history …show more content…

For instance, the similarity of the reading and painting revolves around the idea of preserving the history of California. In the painting, it concentrates on the idea of the preservation of California’s history through the visual of the giant sequoia tree that acts as the historian of the state. In the reading, it adds onto the idea of preserving the history of the state through Didion’s address of Sacramento’s transition from an agriculture to a more technological based region. Having Didion address this issue, this shows her concern for preserving the history of Sacramento. Being Sacramento the capital of California it represents the state because of the migration influx that caused the region to diverse with culture and diversity just like the entirety of the state, therefore, creates this notion of Sacramento being the real California. On a different note, the painting created a sense of pride of being Californians. In the painting, the giant sequoia adds onto the uniqueness of California because the trees are only found in California according to an online article titled “Giant Sequoias and Redwoods: The Largest and Tallest Trees” that states that giant sequoias are found, “in 77 scattered groves in Northern California”, (Szalay). Nevertheless, having the giant sequoias found mostly in California creates a symbol of uniqueness for the state. This idea of having pride

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