The City Of Muse: Krakow

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The City Of Muse: Krakow It might not be as big and as famous as Rome, London or Paris, but on the map of European must-see sites, this place has been steadily gaining its right place. A City of Polish Kings, witness to the most important historical events, a source of inspiration for countless poets, writers and artist, Krakow (or, in English, Cracow) is now one of the most beloved locations for those who decided to explore and discover Old Continent from the Eastern side. Its popularity has been rising over the years, and while it is still considered one of the backpacker’s favorites, in 2013, it noted an astonishing number of visitors – exceeded 9 million tourists, becoming one of the main touristic destinations in Europe. Incredible India, Magical Krakow Just as India has its famous tales, Krakow has its famous legends and stories, connected especially to its legendary founder King Krak and famous places in the city, such as Wawel Castle. It is standing upon a cave of a dragon, killed by a cobbler, who tricked the beast in order to save the citizens. He had put sulfur in the sheep’s body and let the dragon eat it. Overpowered with thirst, monster drank the entire water from Vistula river just to explode. The second, magical story is connected to St. Mary’s Church, located in the corner of the Main Square. During Mongol’s invasion in the 13th century, a brave trumpeter climbed one of its two towers and alarmed the city of the attack. His throat, however, was struck with

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