The City Of Phoenix

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Phoenix, is Arizona's capital and largest city in the United States, is also one of the largest city in the United states. Phoenix is registered as a city in February 25, 1881, when the Phoenix in the Navajo language called Hoozdo, meaning the hot land; in the Western Apache language called Fiinigis. Phoenix is located on both sides of the dry salt river. Phoenix in 2015, about 1563025 people in the official census in 2000 as the nation's sixth largest city, but the population statistics in 2005 over Philadelphia, becoming the country's fifth largest city of [1], the United States Census in 2015 showed that the city has more than 1 million 560 thousand people. Phoenix is the tenth largest city in the United States, ranking sixth in the …show more content…

Also, phoenix have many industries, the industries will release many toxic gases to hurt human’s body and let the climate change.
When Phoenix continues business as usual it is bound to suffer some impacts in future. One effect is that there will be the destruction of the ozone layer exposing the citizens to the dangerous rays of the sun. This would later turn to causing the destruction of crops grown after being exposed too much heat. This is what is commonly known as global warming caused by the emission of gas by the industries. This large population if it will not control the transportation sector then the gas emitted by the vehicles will increase leading to acidic rain which is not favorable for growing crops. If the city does not come up with proper drainage system, then this means that waste will be lying everywhere, and this will cause a climatic change. Failure to change business as usual in the city can lead to extreme weather as well as climate change.
The city however can be built to increase resiliency. One strategy is by building awareness. Holding a civic education would be one effective way to increasing resiliency. Tell the citizen they should less drive the vehicles to the place what they can essay arrived. They should use the public transport such as bus to help the city increase resiliency. Also, they can use bike or skateboard to go to the school or the work place. Also, they government should set the law to make the industries release less toxic

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