The Civil War And The Great Depression

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All history textbooks should be written in manner of bringing knowledge about the past to the reader in a realistic way in which it discuses the accomplishment and downfall America had taken part in. However, in reality majority of the history textbooks cover up the truth and present biased information to the reader’s. This is an issue because it does not benefit the reader knowledge nor does it inspire them to learn about the past. Although, some of the information provide in the text, it allows the reader’s to believe in false information to make America seem superior and as if they had not taken part in any failure. More importantly, textbooks have a duty to present accurate information to allow the readers to appreciate the…show more content…
Another particular race that most textbooks do not bring to light is the Japanese. For this race, the Americans had forced all the Japanese American into camps where they were treated unequally and separated even if they were citizens. When the textbook talks about the African American race they focus more on the approach of slavery and avoid explaining the creation of the Jim Crow law. The American’s had done everything in their power to avoid the African American from taking part in any social events, that’s when the Jim Crow law was enacted. The Jim Crow law involved segregation, voting restrictions such as the poll tax, literacy test, grandfather clause, and lynching (lecture, February 20). The American started off by making sure that any form of voting for the African American would be not accepted in purpose of this plan they made strict regulations to prevent them to be a part in any social change. This would be in favor of the American society so they can be more superior. Moreover, the darkest part of the Jim Crew law was lynching. During the class discussion there was a picture presented of how African American people were hanged by the American mob’s to send a message, “black’s are not allowed to vote.” If textbooks would to provide such images and along with narrative of how the families felt about losing their loved one due to lynching it would shift the reader perspective of how bad did
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