Lies My Teacher Told Me

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The book Lies My Teacher Told me, by James W. Loewen, was written with the intention to inform anybody that has ever learned about history, in the United States, using a textbook that they have, most likely, been given false information. The books and information that has been in Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and even college classes are skewed, by mostly telling stories in the United States favor. Loewen wrote the book to tell the real stories of our nation 's history. The book is extremely beneficial to the contribution to our collective knowledge and understanding, in view of the fact that American’s need to realize that not everything has worked out for the best for the United States, and for our country to have …show more content…

The good thing coming from African American slaves is that they have brought so much to our country that we would not have without them. Music stylings, fashion and many other things brought from their cultures and minds, we would not have if they were not to come over from Africa or from slaves coming from South America. Slavery may be in the past, but it should never be forgotten for what it really was. Teachers tend to skim over the end of textbooks, which contain more recent events, maybe because there is not enough time in the year to finish teaching the entire book, but also teacher tend to just touch on these subjects because they can be controversial especially if it happened in or around their lifetime. Surveying the books, it shows that more recent decades in our textbooks contain less than half the amount of pages than a chapter taking place in the 1930’s; however, it is possible that these chapters are shorter because there has been less time spent studying current events. Studying more recent events in classrooms seems like a good topic for discussion considering the students and teachers could understand different opinions about a topic they or someone they know have lived through, hopefully giving a better understanding. Not going into more detail about current events leaves us continuing to

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