The Civil War And The Reconstruction Period Essay

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Introduction: American Industrialization emerged from the ruins of the Civil War and the … of the Reconstruction Period. Spurred by the new manufacturing technologies brought over from Great Britain, and the rest of Europe, factories and mills began emerging across the American landscape, slowly transforming the United States from an agrarian society to one increasingly industrialized and urbanized. From 1860-1900, the nation of rural towns, local crafts, family farms, and regional business, became dominated by sprawling cities, enormous commercial farms and powerful corporations. By the turn of the twentieth century, the United States of America, had become a major power base, with the birth of factories and mills, the burgeoning of cities, the continued westward expansion, and the creation of the transcontinental railroad. However, just as America was welcomed into her glory, the country was riddled with the evils of poverty, mass consumerism, labour disruption, and increasing political, cultural, and environmental conflicts. Prior to 1860, America was a geographically isolated society, however with the advent of the transcontinental railroad, America became interconnected. In 1861, Congress authorized the joining of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railways. The Irish immigrants, and Southern African Americans of the Union Pacific railroad, and the Chinese immigrants of the Union Pacific worked tirelessly for eight years, until on May, 10, 1869, the two
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