Essay on Two Part of the United States' Reconstruction Era

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In the United States’ history, the Reconstruction Era had two senses. From 1865 to 1877 was the first, which involved the post Civil War action. The second sense, focused on the transformation of the Southern United States from 1863 to 1877 with the Congress directing the issue of reconstruction of state and society (“Reconstruction Era”). Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the frontier was the chief determinant in American history (“Frederick Jackson Turner”). Both the Reconstruction impact and Frederick Jackson Turner’s thesis play a role in the environment during the Economic Revolution.
Reconstruction took placed in the South from 1865 to 1880. It impacted the United States’ history by holding the South back economically behind the
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Reconstruction had achieved much despite its obvious weaknesses. Schools that were built to provide education for both blacks and poor whites, the roads constructed, the protection given to life, an property were all indeed major achievements of the government (Pink Monkey).
Frederick Jackson Turner had a thesis that also provided the environment for the Economic Revolution. He thesis accounted for why the people of America and the American government were so divergent from their European equivalents. There were many people that believed that the frontier’s end symbolized the start of a new stage in American life. These people also believed that America must expand over seas. There were others that had views of this exposition as the drive for a “new wave in the history of Untied States imperialism” (Frontier Thesis).
A man named William Appleman Williams, who led the “Wisconsin School” of diplomatic historians, argued that the frontier thesis encouraged American expansion overseas. Williams had viewed Turner’s frontier thesis as a way to influence action against totalitarianism, advocate democracy through both of the world wars, and affirm the spending on foreign aid. However, Frederick Jackson Turner’s thesis, in comparison to Theodore Roosevelt’s work, The Winning of the West, a greater emphasis was placed not on territorial subjugation, but on the evolution of American republicanism (Frontier Thesis).
Hispanics and Native Americans wanted to focus endowment on
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